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Letter of congratulations from Herbert Hoover
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964, author

Western Michigan University

Better Homes in America

Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964

Crane, Caroline Bartlett, 1858-1935

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Part of Caroline Bartlett Crane "Everyman's House" Collection

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BETTER HOMES IN AMERICA An Educational Organization incorporated in the State of Delaware, 1923. 1635 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE WASHINGTON, D. C. ADVISORY COUNCIL CALVIN COOLIDGE, Chairman President of the United States DR. HUBERT WORK Secretary U.S. Department Interior HERBERT HOOVER Secretary U.S. Department of Commerce JAMES JOHN DAVIS Secretary U.S. Department of Labor MISS GRACE ABBOTT Chief U.S. Children?s Bureau DONN BARBER Fellow, American Institute of Architects JULIUS H. BARNES President U.S. Chamber of Commerce EDWIN H. BROWN President The Architects? Small House Service Bureau DR. HUGH S. CUMMING Surgeon-General U.S. Public Health Service LIVINGSTON FARRAND Second Vice-President American Child Health Association MRS. LENA LAKE FORREST Former President National Federation Business and Professional Women?s Clubs DR. LEE K. FRANKEL Chairman National Health Council JOHN M. GRIES Chief Division of Building and Housing, U.S. Department of Commerce MISS LIDA HAFFORD Director of Headquarters, General Federation of Women?s Clubs JOHN IHLDER Manager Civic Development Department, U.S. Chamber of Commerce MRS. JOHN F. LYONS President National Federation of Music Clubs MRS. W. C. MARTIN Chairman Women?s Division, Federation of Farm and Home Bureau J. HORACE McFARLAND President American Civic Association MRS. WILLIAM BROWN MELONEY Editor The Delineator JOHN BARTON PAYNE Chairman Central Committee, American Red Cross MISS ADELIA PRICHARD President National Federation of Business and Professional Women?s Clubs THEODORE ROOSEVELT Assistant Secretary U.S. Navy MRS. CHARLES SCHUTTLER Former Chairman Women?s Division, Federation of Farm and Home Bureaus MRS. JOHN D. SHERMAN Chairman Department of Applied Education, General Federation of Women?s Clubs DR. LOUISE STANLEY Chief Bureau of Home Economics, U.S. Department of Agriculture MRS. CLARA SEARS TAYLOR Rent Commissioner District of Columbia DR. JOHN JAMES TIGERT U.S. Commissioner of Education LAWRENCE VEILLER Secretary and Director National Housing Association MRS. THOMAS G. WINTER President General Federation of Women?s Clubs BOARD OF DIRECTORS HERBERT HOOVER, President MISS GRACE ABBOTT DONN BARBER EDWIN H. BROWN JOHN M. GRIES CHRISTIAN A. HERTER MRS. WILLIAM BROWN MELONEY MRS. JOHN D. SHERMAN GEORGE W. WILDER Address all communications to JAMES FORD, Executive Director June 25, 1924. Mrs. Caroline Bartlett Crane, Chairman, Better Homes Demonstration Committee, Kalamazoo, Michigan. My dear Mrs. Crane: I wish to congratulate you and the other members of the Better Homes Demonstration Committee of Kalamazoo upon your demonstration which won the first prize in the 1924 campaign. The Committee of Judges felt that the Kalamazoo demonstration covered the problem of the homemaker with great thoroughness, from the point of view of civic development and of the individual. Your demonstration was helpful to every type of family, whether it rents or owns its home, through its selection of equipment, furnishing, decoration and its kitchen contest. Further than that it worked on the problem of financing, for the benefit of home seekers, and by careful planning sought to put better houses within the reach of the family with limited resources. You were especially successful in reaching the mass of the people through lectures and other forms of publicity as well as through large attendance at the demonstration. The completeness of school cooperation was especially noteworthy. I hope that a similar demonstration may be held in Kalamazoo each year. Your achievement this year will serve as a practical inspiration to other communities. Yours faithfully, Herbert Hoover [handwritten signature] HH:JES

Letter of congratulations from Herbert Hoover

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