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Martha Baldwin diary,page 12
Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Baldwin Public Library

Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Women Michigan Birmingham Biography

Birmingham (Mich.) History

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Part of Martha Baldwin's Diary, 1858-1859

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The following is taken from a transcription of Martha Baldwin’s diary (1858-1859). Illegible sections of the original text are noted as follows: ______. A parenthetical question mark (?) follows words in the original text that were not completely legible but were still transcribed. I could not restrain a smile to see us all looking as though we were going to our own funerals, but did not feel like smiling. Eliza B. laughed all the while as usual, said with serious and all she could not muster a tear. Finally, he came, took each us kindly by the hand and bid us goodbye. He could scarcely speak and we gave way entirely to our feelings. Then Berhause (?) and Marshal (?) bid goodbye and we slowly and sadly left the scene of so many joys and pleasures, perhaps never to return as a student. The whole exercise was sad and seemed more like a funeral than an exhibition.

Martha Baldwin diary,page 12

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