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Martha Baldwin diary, page 13
Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Baldwin Public Library

Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Women Michigan Birmingham Biography

Birmingham (Mich.) History

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Part of Martha Baldwin's Diary, 1858-1859

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The following is taken from a transcription of Martha Baldwin’s diary (1858-1859). Illegible sections of the original text are noted as follows: ______. A parenthetical question mark (?) follows words in the original text that were not completely legible but were still transcribed. Thus ended our school in the spring of 1858 and there no students with whom we were called to part who were as fondly cherished as in 1857. Still we almost adored the teacher. We left for the last time, perhaps, the halls of our old Academy but we still and shall ever remember its many and varied scenes. After we returned home, Irene and Wilson came in and how they did tease us about feeling so bad and about our idol as they termed him. They staid quite late and spent the last evening I suppose in that little room. This closes our stay in B, that is only till we can dispose of our earthly effects.

Martha Baldwin diary, page 13

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