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Martha Baldwin diary,page 154
Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Baldwin Public Library

Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Women Michigan Birmingham Biography

Birmingham (Mich.) History

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Part of Martha Baldwin's Diary, 1858-1859

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This page is incorrectly labeled as number 155 - the correct page number is 154. The following is taken from a transcription of Martha Baldwin’s diary (1858-1859). Illegible sections of the original text are noted as follows: ______. A parenthetical question mark (?) follows words in the original text that were not completely legible but were still transcribed. Catholic and French in that one roomed house, I have spent time more pleasantly or quickly at least than I could at the larger house that stands near for it was always fret and scold, and then that horrible acting young man. Often after my lessons, I have stayed a half hour rather than go home, for then if there was not intelligence, there was a good feeling and some apparent happiness while the other mansion was destitute of both. My trunk is packed. If George will take the trouble to order the stage to come this way, I shall go. They have been very kind to me and I never have had a word of trouble,

Martha Baldwin diary,page 154

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