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Bloomfield Blossoms: p. 158-159
Smith, Kay, 1925-

Bloomfield Township Public Library

Hulet, Arno L.

Bloomfield Township (Mich.)


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part of 'Bloomfield Blossoms' by Kay Smith

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Amo L. Hulet was the beloved supervisor, treasurer and historian of Bloomfield Township for as long as anyone can remember. He served the Township for 42 years as a member of the board of trustees, and in his 78 years as a resident of Oakland County, most of them spent in the Township, he was schoolteacher to thousands of Bloomfield's children, starting his teaching duties in the one-room Tuscarora school, and going on to be director of attendance in Pontiac schools and teaching math at Dondero High School. Mr. Hulet was appointed to the Township board in 1933 and served in many capacities right up to his death which occured at age 81. If he had been alive, he would have helped write this history, as he was known throughout the county as the local treasury of historic information. He is very much missed, but he has left behind a legacy of the statesmanlike qualities which have helped bring Bloomfield from its infancy to its present stature and maturity. Selected Bibliography Abstracts of title contributed by residents of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills Annals of Cranbrook. George Booth. 1904 Atlas of Oakland County, Michigan, 1872 Bloomfield Township Records and Archives Township Board Minutes, 1827 to the present "The Book of Estrays" 1830-1899 "The Book of Mortgages" 1847 -1864 Tax records-1842 to the present Population records. 1820 to the present Minutes. the Detroit Automobile Club The Detroit Gazette. Detroit. Michigan Durant. Samuel. "History of Oakland County, Michigan. 1817-1877'. Philadelphia. 1877 The Eccentric. Birmingham. Michigan Oakland County. Michigan Tract Records Documents-Record Retention Room Oakland County Pioneer Society-Papers Portrait Biographical Album. Oakland County. Michigan. Chapman Bros.. 1891 Seeley. Thaddeus D.. "Oakland County History;. 2 volumes. 1912. Lewis Publishing Company. Chicago and New York Tocqueville. Alexis de, "Memoirs" U. S. National Archives-Fourth Census of the United States (1820). Fifth Census (1830) Wing. Austin E., clippings. Burton Historical Collection. Detroit Public Library Woodford. Frank and Arthur M.. "All Our Yesterdays;. Wayne State University Press. 1969 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cover Design by John W. Cooper Cover photograph by Balthazar Korab Bloomfield Hills pages researched by Ronald S. Swanson and by James Beresford, Chairman of The Historical Committee of the City of Bloomfield Hills. General Research assistants: Dr. Charles L. Bowers Lois Merseles Joseph E. Smith III Photographs by Balthazar Korab pages 1, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 25, 27, 29, 31, 37, 43, 44-45, 47, 51,53, 59, 68-69, 71, 77, 82, 86, 89, 99, 103, 113, 117, 125, 127,129,131,133,135,137,139,140,141,142,143,145,149,151,153,157,160. Other photographs: David Belanger 85, 119 Douglas Campbell 67, 79 Homer Case 74 Don Hollums 39, 49, 57 Illustrations: Max Aletkruse 97, 107 Ralph Brackett 33, 73, 75, 81, 91, 93, 101 Fred Cole 98 Jim Crabb 4, 55, 65 Howard Etter 123 Larry McManus 63, 105, 111 Cecily Smith 3 Robert L. Sutton 23 Permission to photograph diaramas courtesy of Cranbrook Institute of Science 44-45, 51, 53, 59, 68-69 Text set in AIphatype-11 point Koronna, by Alpha 21, Detroit Color Separations and Printing: Alden Press, Inc. and American Printers and Lithographers, Inc. Divisions of John Blair & Company, Chicago The Bloomfield Township Board wishes to congratulate and thank Kay Smith, Author and Editor of our first official Bloomfield Township history book. Her dedication and efforts have been exemplary during these months of research and writing.

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