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Williams Album 0 : p. 89
Calumet Public School Library



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Newspaper clippings on various topics (1913-1915, 1939). Page is hand numbered ""89"". -- 1913 - A high temperature of 57 degrees was reported for December by Weather Observer Cowdrick. -- Thomas A. Edison's kinetophone (an early version of the ""talking pictures"") will be featured at the Kerredge Theater in Hancock. -- The Calumet Hockey Team line up for the National Hockey Association includes: Monette, Rompf, Ransome Treglown, Chaput, Reynolds, Monroe, and Joseph Treglown. -- Additional comments on the unseasonably warm temperatures for the month of December. -- Announcement of the formation of the Laurium Glee Club under the direction of Herbert Rodda. -- Dr. A. C. Roche of Wolverine has opened an office in the Quello block on Fifth Street. -- Dec. 9, 1939 - Lyman Frimodig of Calumet has been selected for the Michigan Agricultural College basketball team. -- 1913 - Announcement of the United States Hockey League's championship cup donated by James MacNaughton, general manager of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company. -- The Peoples Amusement Company films the copper district, including mills and smelters in Lake Linden. -- 1914? - Announcement of baseball game played at the Calumet Park between teams in the Calumet & Hecla league. -- 1915? - Announcement of hockey games played by the Portage Lake (Houghton, Mich.) team and those of Duluth (Minn.) and Sault Ste. Marie (Ont.). -- Charles Uksila, a former Calumet hockey player, is now a member of the Portland Oregon team. -- Announcement of the 8 x 50 feet sign to be installed on the Colosseum in Calumet. -- Dec. 28 - Mild weather prevents the opening of the Colosseum skating rink. -- Announcement of the hockey schedules for games held at the Colosseum skating rink for the Calumet and Portage Lake teams. -- Dec. 29 - Manager Skinner of the Calumet Hockey team of Laurium challenges teams in the Copper Country under eighteen years of age. The players include: Labby, J. Patrick, S. Patrick, Gipp, Monroe, Glocke. -- Dec. 29 - Stanley Martin arrives from Northwestern University in Chicago. -- Calumet Favorite Club's annual holiday season dance to be held at the Armory. ""All freak dances strictly forbidden for this occassion."" -- Calumet hockey team roster: Monette, Paul Rompf, Joe Treglown, Ransome Treglown Will Monroe, John Mahan, Will St. George, Roy Reynolds, ""Chubb"" Chaput. -- Announcement of Calumet hockey team's win over the Portage Lake team at the Amphidrome. -- Mining industry film is obtained by the Peoples Theater in Laurium and will been shown soon. -- Announcement of record set by an automobile trip around the county in winter due to continued mild weather. -- Nat Lloyd and Harry E. King are selected as the managers for the Calumet Hockey Team. -- Calumet & Hecla Glee Club members: John J. Williams, E. Yelland, William Betzen, A. Heggan, W. J. Reynolds, Bert Lanyon, Arthur Trembath, Wilfred Rowe, J. T. Williams Jr., Fred Curry, Percy Cadwell, Bert Lanyon Jr., and accompanies by Lena Cadwell. -- In a game against the Portage Lake team at the Amphidrome the American Soo Hockey Team roster includes: Tallion, Thomsett, Murray, Hill, Godin, Bailey, Campbell, Pepin, B. Murray. -- A new switchboard accomodating 5000 lines will be installed at the Houghton exchange of the michigan State Telephone company. -- Calumet Hockey Team defeats the American Soo team. -- Judge Patrick H. O'Brien received notice from Josephus Daniels, secretary of the U.S. Navy, that the Copper Country is a likely place for the building of a government armour-plate plant. -- Announcement of the attendance at the Copper Country industry films produced by the Peoples Amusement company.

Williams Album 0 : p. 89

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