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Williams Album 0 : p. 13
Calumet Public School Library

Copper Miners' Strike, Mich., 1913-1914

Copper mines and mining -- Michigan -- Calumet


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Newspaper clippings (Feb. 10 to Mar. 4, 1914) regarding the 1913 Copper Miners' Strike by the employees of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company in the Calumet, Michigan area. Page is hand numbered ""13"". -- Feb. 10 - The charge that the Citizens' Alliance caused the Italian Hall disaster was made by Judge O.N. Hilton, counsel for the Western Federation of Miners, to the congressional inquiry. Other evidence was given by Dolphis Little of Copper City and William Curnow of Mohawk. -- Feb. 12 - Chairman Taylor of the congressional investigation passed on the question of whether the Western Federation of Miners is to be investigated to the same extent as the mining companies. Patrick Dunnigan of Ahmeek gave testimony to the number of miners belong to the Western Federation of Miners before the strike. -- Feb. 13 - Congressman Robert M. Switzer of Ohio joined the congressional investigation. Attorney's for both sides gave evidence as did the president of the Mass City union. Attorney Hilton said workers were brought into the district through misrepresentation. -- Feb. 14 - Socialism was mentioned in the congressional investigation, with remarks from Federation Attorney Angus W. Kerr. with quote Attorney A. F. Rees declared it was the purpose to show that Socialism represents most of the strike. -- Feb. 15 - Defendants Cooper, Davis, Groff, and Polkinghorne were sentenced to prison by Judge R. C. Flannigan of Norway. The defendants in the Seeberville murder case were convicted of manslaughter. -- Feb. 17 - Congressman S. N. Taylor of Arkansas joined the congressional investigation committee. He was sent by Chairman Foster of the House committee on mines, at the request of Chairman Taylor of Colorado. -- Feb. 18 - Counsel Hilton for the Western Federation of Miners, having withdrawn his request for an investigation of the Italian Hall disaster reinserted it today, and requested that Attorney Petermann be allowed to insert into the record his opinion of Judge Hilton, Chairman Taylor denied this request. -- Feb. 19 - The congressional investigation continued with remarks by Congressman Switzer about Counsel Hilton and the investigation of the Italian Hall disaster, and attacks upon Hilton by Attorney Petermann. Governor Ferris plans to send Assistant Attorney General Pepper to the hearings. -- Feb. 20 - Victor L. Berger of Milwaukee a leader in the Socialist party attended the congressional investigation. After an attempt to introduce testimony relating to the conduct of state troops, Governor Ferris was invited to attend the investigation. -- Feb. 21 - The Federation submission of evidence to the congressional inquiry is nearing a close. Judge Advocate Pepper and Adjutant General Vandercook arrived from Lansing to appear on behalf of the militia. -- Feb. 22 - Lansing - Deputy Sheriff of Houghton, Richard O'Grady, in his fight against extradition to Wisconsin on a kidnapping charge, testified before Governor Ferris about violence attempted by the Western Federation of Miners in the west. He implicated all Federation officers including President Moyer, Vice President Mahoney, and Guy Miller, representative of the executive committee of the Federation. -- Feb. 23 - Attorney Hilton for the Western Federation of Miners said that if strikers were allowed to return to work regardless of their membership in the Federation, they would be willing to end the strike. Attorney Rees expressed the company attitude that the Federation must be eliminated from the dispute. -- Feb. 26 The congressional committee investigating the copper strike visited the Copper Range Consolidated, and the Calumet and Hecla surface structures. -- Feb. 27 - The congressional committee investigating the copper strike toured Calumet & Hecla shaft No. 15. They were accompanied by Captain John Knox, and Tom James mine inspector of Houghton county, a striking miner, and two newspapermen. -- Feb. 28 - John Huhta, corresponding secretary of the South Range local of the Western Federation of Miners confessed to Sheriff Cruse that he and four other union members were involved in the murder in Painesdale of Harry and Arthur Jane, and Thomas Dally. The members of the congressional investigation into the copper strike inspected the Calumet & Hecla mills and smelters. -- Mar. 1 - Attorney Allan F. Rees testified on behalf of the mining companies before the congressional investigation into the copper strike and James MacNaughton, general manager of Calumet & Hecla will also testify. -- Mar. 2 - General Manager MacNaughton of Calumet & Hecla testified to the Congressional investigation into the strike about the conditions of the mines, housing, medical attention, welfare and other problems the mining companies faced. -- Mar. 4 - James MacNaughton, general manager of Calumet & Hecla concluded his testimony to the congressional investigation committee, and was cross examined by Attorney Hilton.

Williams Album 0 : p. 13

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