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Williams Album 0 : p. 09
Calumet Public School Library

Copper Miners' Strike, Mich., 1913-1914

Copper mines and mining -- Michigan -- Calumet


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Newspaper clippings (Nov. 30 to Dec. 18, 1913) regarding the 1913 Copper Miners' Strike by the employees of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company in the Calumet, Michigan area. Page is hand numbered ""9"". -- Nov. 30 - The eight hour shift began today and a number of men applied for work at the Copper Range mines. -- Dec. 1 - The home of a Quincy miner was destroyed with dynamite, and an attempt to dynamite a Mineral Range Train at Mohawk was made. -- Dec. 2 - Numerous weapons were found in a boarding house in Painesdale, the residents of the house were taken to the county jail. -- Dec. 5 - The disposition of the O'Brien injunction will be known tomorrow when Judge O'Brien will announce his decision in the case of 141 Allouez strikers. -- Dec. 6 - Judge O'Brien found 139 Allouez strikers guilty of contempt of the court, but suspends their sentence. -- Dec. 7 - Arthur and Harry Jane, and Thomas Dally, employees of the Copper Range Consolidation Company were shot in their boarding house in Painesdale. Following the assassination the Citizens' Alliance held a meeting at the Calumet Armory, resolutions were adopted to remove all outside agitators. -- Dec. 8 - Judge O'Brien will order an investigation into the murder of three Painesdale miners. Tomorrow will be a parade of Calumet, Keweenaw, and Torch Lake citizens, expected to include 10,000 marchers. After the parade will be a mass meeting to formally notify agitators that they must leave. -- Dec. 9 - Quincy workmen near shaft No. 2 were fired upon, eight arrests were made. Charles H. Moyer president of the Western Federation of Miners, appealed to Governor Ferris and President Wilson through officials of the American Federation of Labor, claming that members of his union had their rights threatened by members of the Citizens' Alliance. -- Dec. 11 - After the shooting of Deputy Tim Driscoll in South Range, a hundred deputized member of the Citizens' Alliance assisting deputies arrested 39 strikers, and raided the union hall at South Range. Following Judge O'Brien's order that a grand jury be called, County Clerk N. F. Kaiser, Sheriff Cruse and Justices E.F. Prince of Lake Linden, and William Fisher of Calumet drew a list of 33 names for jury duty including Edgar Bye, George Williams and W. H. Faucet of Calumet, and James W. Shields of Osceola. -- Dec. 12 - Headed by Marshal James Wills, deputies raided the Western Federation of Miners' store on Pine Street and arrested six strikers, who will be examined tomorrow in Justice Armit's court. Special Prosecutor George H. Nicholls will represent the people in all cases before the grand jury. The grand jury will only investigate cases requested by Mr. Nicholls and only upon the order of Judge O'Brien. The riot call signal in Calumet is continuous short blasts of the Hecla whistle for five minutes, this is the call for members of the Citizens' Alliance to meet at the armory to act as sheriff's posse. -- Dec. 13 - Spectators crowded the court room of Justice Armit during the examination of a reporter for the Hancock Socialist paper. -- Dec. 14 - The special Grand Jury to investigate lawlessness and violence began today, summoning C. H. Moyer, president of the federation. Their intention is to summon every officer agitator and organizer of the federation. -- Dec. 15 - 15 former cavalrymen from Detroit arrived in Mohawk. This force will be recruited to fifty and Sheriff Hepting will be able to inform Governor Ferris he can control the situation without troops. At the order of Prosecuting Attorney Lucas, a squad of deputies under Dineen, Deputy Sheriff in charge of the office at Quincy, raided several houses in Franklin. -- Dec. 16 - President C. H. Moyer of the Federation, again occupied the stand at the Grand Jury. -- Dec. 18 - General manager James MacNaughton of Calumet & Hecla agreed to extend the time limit for former employees willing to return to work.

Williams Album 0 : p. 09

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