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Williams Album 0 : p. 08
Calumet Public School Library

Copper Miners' Strike, Mich., 1913-1914

Copper mines and mining -- Michigan -- Calumet


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Newspaper clippings (Nov. 4 to Nov. 29, 1913) regarding the 1913 Copper Miners' Strike by the employees of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company in the Calumet, Michigan area. Page is hand numbered ""8"". -- Nov. 4 - Dynamite discharged in field near Bumbletown hill, mounted troops on patrol. -- Nov. 6 - In Butte Montana, John Mitchell, vice president, and John Lennon, treasurer of American Federation of Labor appealed for support of Michigan miners from Butte miners. -- Nov. 7 - In Washington, Representative W. J. MacDonald will introduce resolution to House of Representatives to investigate copper miner's strike. -- Nov. 8 - Cavalrymen stationed in Calumet arrested strikers and sympathizers in violation of injunction, on Calumet Avenue near the M.E. Church. Big Annie Clemenc headed parade from Red Jacket Road. -- Nov. 9 - Citizens' Alliance, an organization resolved to eliminate Western Federation of Miners from the district is formed. -- Nov. 10 - Houghton county board of supervisors passes bills in total of 24,793.75 arising from strike costs, including bills to Waddell & Mahon Corporation. -- Nov. 11 - Women and girls were arrested in Mohawk, to appear before Judge O'Brien. Disturbance followed parade. -- Nov. 12 - Strikers and women arrested at Superior mine. -- Nov. 14 - South Shore train arriving in Calumet was fired on near the Hancock depot. Services of Waddell-Mahon Corporation with county will terminate, says Sheriff Cruse. -- Nov. 15 - The home of a deputy sheriff at Franklin Junior mine was burned. Also a home of a workman in Painesdale was shot up, attempts to interfere with workmen at Quincy, and an Allouez deputy was beat up. Federation men in the south end out the county celebrated the departure of troops. -- Nov. 16 - After a parade at shaft No. 2 a battle between deputy sheriffs and strikers broke out, wounding one deputy sheriff and three strikers. -- Nov. 17 - Wires of Michigan State Telephone, Western Union Telegraph, and the Copper Range railroad were cut between Houghton and South Range. -- Nov. 18 - Special Prosecutor Nichols, at the request of Governor Farris, has investigated charges made by the Western Federation of Mines, regarding the Citizens' Alliance -- Nov. 20 - Representative MacDonald of Michigan presented a resolution asking for a congressional investigation into the copper strike. In Mohawk 70 strikers in violation of the O'Brien injunction were arrested. -- Nov. 21 - Peaceful parades were held in Ahmeek, Mohawk, Wolverine, Red Jacket and on the south range. Subpoenas were served in the Seeberville case. -- Nov. 22 - Several strike leaders in Wolverine and Centennial have reportedly left the Western Federation. -- Nov. 24 - More than 100 imported workmen arrived in Ahmeek. -- Nov. 25 - Judge Flannigan of Norway will preside in the Seeberville case rather than Judge P. H. O'Brien. The case opens tomorrow with Special Prosecutor Nichols for the prosecution and Galbraith and Watson as attorney's for the defense. -- Nov. 27 - Phillip Mihelcich, a striker, is in the Calumet Public Hospital, after being shot by mounted police near the Union headquarters on Sixth Street. -- Nov. 28 - Assistant Prosecution Attorney Nichols leaves for Lansing to report on the strike to Governor Ferris. This investigation followed the request for assistance by the board supervisors and that martial law be declared in Allouez township. -- Nov. 29 - An eight hour shift for underground and mill employees and a nine hour work day for surface employees will become effective, as per the promise made to Governor Ferris and federal investigators by the mine managers.

Williams Album 0 : p. 08

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