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Williams Album 0 : p. 02
Calumet Public School Library

Copper Miners' Strike, Mich., 1913-1914

Copper mines and mining -- Michigan -- Calumet


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Newspaper clippings (Aug. 4 to Aug. 15, 1913) regarding the 1913 Copper Miners' Strike by the employees of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company in the Calumet, Michigan area. Page is hand numbered ""2"". -- Aug. 4 - Mother Jones arrives on Northwestern train. Federal investigation of strike made at instigation of Western Federation of Labor, message sent to Secretary Wilson of the department of Labor. Walter B. Palmer, enroute to Calumet to investigate.Three men arrested charged with assault of John Miller, August Beck, and Undersheriff Heikkila, to appear before Judge Little. -- Aug. 5 - Mother Jones at meeting at Palestra, heads parade, plans to attend meetings in South Range and Hancock. Gov. Ferris to hold conference about recall of troops. Members of Company E, Third Regiment, on guard in Mohawk had rations stolen. -- Aug. 7 - Committee presented demands to the Calumet & Hecla management, Eight hour day, Wage of $3;00 - $3.50 per day Double time for Sundays, Employment of boys over age of 16, were similar to those of Federation.. Threat to dynamite the office and captain's house at Number 7 shaft of Calumet & Hecla. Withdrawal of troops will not be commenced. -- Aug. 8 - Registration of names of employees of Calumet & Hecla Mining Company who wish to return to work at Washington school hall. Sheriff Cruse announces he has not employed any outsiders, that non-residents are employed by secret service. Mother Jones telegrams Detroit Workingman's circle to ask the Jack Robbins, ""Chicago's big brother"" come here. -- Aug. 9 - Underground work started in Calumet & Hecla shafts, Quincy and Champion mines. Western Federation payday anticipated. -- Aug 10 - 40% of the state troops - 970 men -will leave. Sheriff Cruse organizing 1500 deputies. After meeting between committee and Calumet & Hecla, mass meeting of employees will be held at Washington school hall. James A. Waddell, chief of detectives under Sheriff Cruse, reported to Detroit Journal with quote about Western Federation. -- Aug. 11 - County board of supervisors pays Waddell-Mahon corporation, Northern Garage, and Clarence Funkey. Calumet & Hecla promises protection to returning workers at meeting at Washington school hall. Petition from Calumet asks federal Senate to investigate labor troubles, presented by Senator Martine, blocked by Senator Townsend. -- Aug. 12 - Judge Murphy of Detroit sent to investigate strike, wired Gov. Ferris that management refused to treat with miners as long as they were represented by Western Federation of Miners. Assault on guardsman, Private John Kelly of Company E, Detroit, at South Kearsarge. Report on business at Western Union offices in Calumet by manager Gherna. Houghton office busy as well as Postal Telegraph offices in Calumet, Houghton, and Hancock. -- Aug. 14 - Champion mine resumes mining and production from Champion shafts. Shots fired near Number 3 and Number 4 shafts at Tamarack. -- Aug. 15 - Two dead and three wounded at clash at Seeberville boarding house, a location near Champion mine. Strikers threaten Osceola mine. Local reps of Western Federation of Miners appealed to home office in Butte, Montana for funds for strikers. President Moyer expected to arrive. Mother Jones left Calumet.

Williams Album 0 : p. 02

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