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Lady America product display window
TitleLady America product display window
SubjectStores, Retail -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Lady America Home Products display in store window, Stanwood's Appliance Store, 143 S. ...
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Glass Glaze auto polish
TitleGlass Glaze auto polish
SubjectAutomobiles -- Cleaning
DescriptionAdvertising. Model using Glass Glaze auto polish, product of Volz Enterprise, Ypsilanti, Michigan. C...
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Bread packaging
TitleBread packaging
DescriptionAdvertising. Packaging for Muller's Grocers Baking Company products includes hotdog buns, brown 'n s...
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TV paper products
TitleTV paper products
SubjectPaper products industry - Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Paper products include ""TV Cold Cups,"" ""TV Hot Cups,"" ""TV Plates,"" and ""TV Lunch...
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Man in suit standing by car
TitleMan in suit standing by car
SubjectOldsmobile automobile
DescriptionAdvertising. People - Daily Life. Mr. Black with his new car in front of a cornfield. 1958 Oldsmobil...
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Boys modeling sport coats and pants
TitleBoys modeling sport coats and pants
SubjectSchools -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. People - Daily Life. Two boys modeling suits by Ivy League Sportswear. Photo taken in f...
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TitleNeil's Automotive Service display
SubjectBanks and banking - Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Display for Neil's Automotive Service, distributor of Bendix Products, and ""School's O...
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Advertisement, sanding machine
TitleAdvertisement, sanding machine
SubjectSanding machines
DescriptionAdvertising. Copy negative of advertisement promoting rental of Dreadnaught Sander, Clarke Sanding M...
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Using locker box to preserve food
TitleUsing locker box to preserve food
SubjectFood containers
DescriptionAdvertising. Demonstration of Sutherland Paper Company paperware for frozen foods features model ins...
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Window display for war years
TitleWindow display for war years
SubjectPaper containers
DescriptionAdvertising. ""Sutherland Products Serve on All Fronts"" display at First National Bank, 108 E. Mich...
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Display booth at fair
TitleDisplay booth at fair
SubjectBusiness enterprises -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Adams Insulation Company display at Kalamazoo County Fair promoting blown in Celotex Ro...
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Hands holding dried eggs package
TitleHands holding dried eggs package
SubjectEggs and egg products
DescriptionAdvertising. Advertisement includes package of ""Pure Dried Whole Eggs U.S.A."" and a dozen eggs in...
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Stop Water Pollution billboard
TitleStop Water Pollution billboard
SubjectAdvertising -- Outdoor
DescriptionAdvertising. Billboard by Mulholland Sign Company, ""Trout and People Need Clean Water, Stop Water P...
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Delivery van with driver
TitleDelivery van with driver
SubjectKalamazoo (Mich.) -- Business
DescriptionAdvertising. Business Scenes. Otto Kihm wholesale van parked in lot at 414 N. Rose Street, Kalamazoo...
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King Edward Cigars display window
TitleKing Edward Cigars display window
SubjectBusiness enterprises -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Business Scenes. Window display of King Edward cigars at John C. Klosterman Wholesale C...
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Meat display in store
TitleMeat display in store
SubjectDisplays of merchandise
DescriptionAdvertising. Commercial refrigerator in store featuring Valley Frankfurters, Fort Pitt Sliced Bacon,...
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Man holding antiques ads and bottles
TitleMan holding antiques ads and bottles
SubjectPatent medicine
DescriptionAdvertising. Employee displaying patent medicine bottles, 1854 Illustrated Family Medical Almanac an...
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Woman trimming pie
TitleWoman trimming pie
DescriptionAdvertising. Elderly woman in kitchen wearing glasses and housedress trimming pie crust. Paper milk ...
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Store displays of fishing rods
TitleStore displays of fishing rods
SubjectFishing -- Equipment and supplies -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Display of ""Shakespeare Fine Fishing Tackle"" includes product displays of Glass Fiber...
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Store lingerie display
TitleStore lingerie display
SubjectStores, Retail -- Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Display of women's ""Miss Thrifty Lingerie, Made of Pepperell Fabrics"" in Power's Depa...
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War waste paper display
TitleWar waste paper display
SubjectWorld War, 1939-1945
DescriptionAdvertising. Display boards ""Your Waste Paper Goes to War"" ""Ration K"" and ""Shell Cases"" featur...
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Drive-in paper products
TitleDrive-in paper products
SubjectPaper products industry - Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. ""Drive-in"" paper products include plates, cups, napkins, and carton for French fries ...
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Public service window display
TitlePublic service window display
SubjectAmerican Cancer Society
DescriptionAdvertising. ""Guard Those You Love"" window display promoting x-ray and surgery in fighting cancer....
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Egg carton with die
TitleEgg carton with die
SubjectPaper products industry - Kalamazoo (Mich.)
DescriptionAdvertising. Egg carton die, unfolded carton, and completed egg carton. Client: Sutherland Paper Com...
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Pie plate display in grocery store
TitlePie plate display in grocery store
SubjectDisplays of merchandise
DescriptionAdvertising. Display ""Bake-A-Pie"" paper plates in unidentified Kroger Store also includes canned p...
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