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Everyman's House book, by Caroline Bartlett Crane, cover and introductory pages
Crane, Caroline Bartlett, 1858-1935, author

Western Michigan University

Architecture, Domestic


Better Homes in America

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Part of Caroline Bartlett Crane "Everyman's House" Collection

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[FRONT COVER] EVERYMAN?S HOUSE Caroline Bartlett Crane [Page NA] To my friend Nancy Elnora Scott from her admirer Caroline Bartlett Crane Kalamazoo, April 4, 1927 [Page NA: BLANK] [Page NA] EVERYMAN?S HOUSE [Page NA: BLANK] [Page NA] WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN 49001 [imprint] EVERYMAN?S HOUSE BY CAROLINE BARTLETT CRANE WITH A FOREWORD BY HERBERT HOOVER ILLUSTRATED GARDEN CITY NEW YORK DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY 1925 WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN 49001 [imprint] [Page NA] COPYRIGHT, 1925, BY DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES AT THE COUNTRY LIFE PRESS, GARDEN CITY, N.Y. First Edition [Page NA: BLANK[ [Page NA] Living room of Everyman?s House, seen from vestibule. Davenport faces fireplace. [photograph: LA03a012] [Page NA] 168033 TO THE PEOPLE OF MY HOME TOWN, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN whose inspiring cooperation made possible the erection and demonstration of EVERYMAN?S HOUSE Awarded First Prize by BETTER HOMES IN AMERICA 1924 TO OUR BUSINESS MEN who gave their indespensable[sic] financial support; and to BEULA M. WADSWORTH whose direction of Decoration and Furnishing and of School Exhibits was a vital factor THIS BOOK IS GRATEFULLY DEDICATED [Page NA: BLANK] [Page NA] EVERYMAN?S HOUSE [Page NA: BLANK] [Page NA] FOREWORD Mrs. Bartlett Crane has ably demonstrated that relief is available to overburdened mothers who have to keep house and bring up children. 'Everyman?s House' is her account of how practical good sense in arranging the house and its equipment was used for this purpose in the Kalamazoo 1924 Better Homes Demonstration. It is a most convincing argument for more such efforts. Herbert Hoover [signature] President, Better Homes in America [Page NA: BLANK] [Page NA] THE WHITE HOUSE Washington July 5, 1924. MY DEAR DR. CRANE: I have been much impressed during the past three years with the widespread interest and cooperation in the educational movement for Better Homes in America. The home has been and ever must be a source of profound influence and inspiration in the lives of all citizens. It plays a chief role in the development of the children of our nation for stability and uprightness. Participation by communities in this campaign to raise the standards of the American home is therefore a substantial contribution to national well-being. I take great pleasure in sending to you and the Better Homes in America Committee for Kalamazoo my sincere congratulations for the notable contribution which you have made in the general campaign for Better Homes. The award of the first prize is indicative of the outstanding merit of the worthy enterprise in which the citizens of your community so loyally participated. Very truly yours, CALVIN COOLIDGE. DR. CAROLINE BARTLETT CRANE, 1425 Hillcrest Avenue, Kalamazoo, Mich. [Page NA: BLANK] [Page xi] CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I. A WORD ON THE FRONT STOOP [page]1 II. 'SO BIG' A LITTLE HOUSE! [page]17 III. WHAT IT COST US TO BUILD [page]26 IV. EVERYMAN AND HIS RESOURCES [page]44 V. THE HUB OF THE HOUSE [page]56 VI. SEEING THE WHEELS GO ROUND [page]74 VII. WHERE DO WE EAT? [page]86 VIII. THE KITCHEN 'IN REVERSE' [page]97 IX. WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS [page]110 X. 'OCCUPATION, NONE' [page]122 XI. THE MOTHER?S SUITE [page]133 XII. SUITING FATHER, TOO [page]148 XIII. --AND THE CHILDREN [page]164 XIV. EVERYMAN?S ADVANTAGE [page]176 XV. THE ADAPTABLE HOUSE [page]191 XVI. THE ADAPTABLE HOUSE (continued) [page]205 XVII. YOU AND HOUR HOUSE [page]215 [Page NA: BLANK] [Page xiii] LIST OF HALFTONE ILLUSTRATIONS Living room, seen from the vestibule Frontispiece (FACING PAGE) Living-room window-seat, with leaf-table for dining [page]18 Kitchen, showing dish-warming cupboard and passway to living-dining room [page]58 West wall of kitchen showing separate working unit on either side of sink [page]74 The Everymans at dinner [page]90 Baby?s bed shows convenience of position and economy of space [page]138 With a low gate in the doorway, Mother can watch over baby at play [page]146 The girls? room, one of the two ample bed-chambers above-stairs [page]178 [Page NA] LIST OF LINE DRAWINGS Floor plans and elevations [page]9 A good place for Everyman?s garage [page]208

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