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Bloomfield Blossoms: p. 40-41
Smith, Kay, 1925-

Bloomfield Township Public Library

Bloomfield Township (Mich.) -- History

Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859 -- Journeys -- North America.

Beaumont, Gustave de, 1802-1866

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part of 'Bloomfield Blossoms' by Kay Smith

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TWO FRIENDS SET OUT TO FIND THE LAST REACHES OF CIVILIZATION Tocqueville and Beaumont, with their great gift of curiosity, were determined to see America in its pristine condition. Having reached Detroit, they felt they were indeed near their goal, but no one seemed to understand why anyone in his right mind would want to see a wilderness. Time after time they were advised to take a well-traveled road, directed toward a village or told they could see plenty enough Indians on the streets of Detroit. "We soon felt it would be impossible to obtain the truth from them in a straightforward manner, and that we must manoeuvre" Tocqueville writes. "We therefore went to the United States' Agent for the sale of wild land, of which there is much in the district of Michigan. We presented ourselves to him as persons who, without having quite made up our minds to establish ourselves in the country, were interested to know the price and situation of the Government lands. "Major Biddle, the officer, now understood perfectly what we wanted, and entered into a number of details, to which we eagerly listened. 'This part; he said, 'seems to be best suited to your purpose. The land is good, and large villages are already founded there; the road is so well kept that public conveyances run every day'. 'Well'; we said to ourselves, 'now we know where not to go, unless we intend to travel post over the wilderness."

Bloomfield Blossoms: p. 40-41 part 1 Bloomfield Blossoms: p. 40-41 part 2

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