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A Silver Spire 1871-1971 Chapter 9
Dain, Floyd Russell, 1910-

Chippewa River District Library System

First Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant, Mich. - History

Presbyterian Church - Michigan - Mount Pleasant - History

Mount Pleasant (Mich) - Church History

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Chapter 9: 1946-1963: New Church built on Watson Road. Names and page numbers of church members mentioned in Chapter 9: Pastor Wanzer Hull Brunelle (5/1942-11/1946, p. 59,61,65; Pastor J. Kenneth Cutler (12/1952-7/1967), p. 61-65; Pastor George James DeWitt (3/1947-6/1952), p. 59-61; Assistant Pastor John Peter (7/1963-7/1967), p. 66; Visiting Pastor Bernard Didier, p. 64; Visiting Pastor Charles E. Hurst, p. 66; Visiting Pastor Rev. Dr. Harold Ray Martin, p. 64; Visiting Pastor William McKeefrey, p. 61; Visiting Pastor Rev. Dr. Kenneth G. Neigh, p. 65; Visiting Pastor John Osborn, p. 64; Visiting Pastor Francis Sauer, p. 62; Visiting Pastor Alfred J. Stenner, p. 64,65; Organist Gordon Young, p. 65; Charles L. Anspach, p. 64; John Benford, p. 59; Ralph Bergquist, p. 61; Lyndell Bordine, p. 61; Reuel Cole, p. 64,65; Harriett Collin, p. 65; Worth DaFoe, p. 60; Levi Dees, p. 60,61; Carolyn Ann Erdman, p. 61; Karen Erdman, p. 62; Judson Foust, p. 59; Mildred Gingherick, p. 61; Glen Hamel, p. 64; Mrs. Glen Hamel, p. 61; Paul Hamel, p. 60; Mrs. Waldo Russel Handley, p. 65; Floyd Heydenburg, p. 61,65; David A. Holford, p. 59,60; Lawrence Johns, p. 65; John Lamont, p. 64; Lawrence Lee, p. 64; David Lirones, p. 59; Mrs. Leon MacRae, p. 61; Frances Martin, p. 59; Rolland Maybee, p. 64; Douglas McFarlane, p. 64; Mrs. Frank Mead, p. 61; Mrs. Gerritt Muyskens, p. 59; Vance Orr, p. 61; Charles B. Park, p. 59; Gerald Poor, p. 62; Peter Russell, p. 65; Lawrence Scott, p. 63,64; Olaf Steg; p. 61; Clarence Tuma, p. 61; Frank White, p. 60,64-66; Harold Wood, p. 61.

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