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Martha Baldwin diary,page 21
Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Baldwin Public Library

Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Women Michigan Birmingham Biography

Birmingham (Mich.) History

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Part of Martha Baldwin's Diary, 1860-1863

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Some sections of the original diary are illegible, and these are noted in the transcription. A bracketed question mark [?] represents one illegible word. Places where whole sentences (or considerable portions thereof) were found to be illegible are noted with a bracketed ellipsis […]. Whole paragraphs found to be illegible have been noted in the following manner: [P] ties himself up in a silken bag hid in a basket and keeps company with the winds, and even on plastic foot woud [sic] he go forth. But though man may go over the whole earth thus if he would go into the heart of fellow beings he must go on foot. All in their travels and looking for some happy valley, and not content to take nature at her word are looking for something yet more grand. As the free [?] [?] who can not live content in one family but when several are united think there will be no domestic quarrel I not this [sic] going from home. A man with one idea may be reformed a woman never. The sphere of woman is so much higher than that of man why should she ever leave it. O if you would change to something more than [?] follow man. Many go from home for the sake of sentiment soon [...] How much less of the

Martha Baldwin diary,page 21

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