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Williams Album 0 : p. 63
Calumet Public School Library

Isle Royale (Mich.)

American Legion


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Newspaper clippings on various topics (1911-1912, 1935-1937, 1942-1943). Page is hand numbered ""63"". -- 1935 - Moose from Isle Royale transported to Cusino refuge and Detroit Zoo. Individuals mentioned Paul Hickie, Ellsworth St. Germain, Captain Allers, Ben East, Jack Van Coevering, Lee J. Straits and Wallace E. Hastings. -- 1935 - Last of moose taken from Isle Royale to mainland arrived at Peninsula Wholesale Company dock. Individuals mentioned Captain Charles Allers, Walter Hastings, Ben East, Jack Van Coevering, Earl Clark, president of Houghton Rod and Gun Club, C. Harold Wescoat, H. D. Ruhl, Ron R. Coburn. -- 1911 - Camp J. P. Petermann, Spanish War Veterans elected officers J. P. Petermann, P. D. McNaugton, T. J. Kennedy, A. E. Hooper, George Kemp, Peter Doering, Ed. J. Lean, John Trevarrow, frank J. Kohlhaas. -- May 17, 1936 - Charles Regis of Ahmeek in automobile accident near Burt store in Ahmeek. Taken to Calumet and Hecla hospital, employed at Ahmeek mine, taking over position of Thomas Hodges, fatally injured earlier. -- 1936 - Johnston Post, American Legion of Keweenaw applies for special membership cards for James Belobraidh, Tcomas W. Hebbard, George Cronenworth, John J. Kline, Stephen Murphy, Dominic Petitti, William A. Rowe, Otto Kaikkonen, August taivalkoski, Emil Frisk, John Bartanen, James H. Nicholas, Albert J. Prisk, Yalmer Taivaloja, Albert Koljonen, George Cencich, Louis Bogden, Frank Puhek, R. M. Dodge, G. F. Brewington, John Kurie, Peter Schlegelmann, Ray Wagner, Wesley Williams and Joseph Enriette. -- 1943 - Entries from 26 years ago , 1917. Helping Hand Tent, Independent Order of Rechabites, installed officers John B. Cadwell, Richard Scoble, William Jolly, John H. Makinson, Samuel Carter. F. J. Kohlhass and J. P. Petermann of the Military Training Camps association have received applications for chauffeurs for the American Field Service in France. Alonza Nicholas promoted freom Centennial and Allouez Mines to Calumet and Hecla Mining Company. Andrew Majeski and Joseph Baronowski of Calumet are home from France on furlough, members of Pershing's forces. Rev. D. C. Littlejohn will deliver sermon at annual Central Mine Homecoming. -- Mike Foley of Mohawk returned from hunting trip near Copper Harbor. Game brought home included timber wolf. -- William R. Bolley , of the White Pine Extension Mining company will take on new duties at Wolverine mine. He is graduate of Michigan College of Mines. Mr. And Mrs. John F. Chynoweth of Iroquois street are leaving for Hawaiian Islands. -- 1937 - Entries from 26 years ago, 1911. Philadelphia Athletics knocked Christy Mathewson out of the box and defeated New York Giants in 1911 world series. Chief Bender was pitcher. New life saving station to be opened at Eagle Harbor. Senior class of Calumet High School elected officers Howard Reep, Bertha Taylor, Charles MacLeod, Walter Gries. Albert Asselin, son of Joseph Asselin of Calumet returned from Marquette University. Mrs. D. Barsotti of Fifth Street left for Chicago. New hockey rule would reduce seven man teams to six. -- Sept., 1911 - James Reid of Great Lakes Wrecking Company floated portion of wrecked steamer Moreland, which had grounded on Sawtooth Reef off Eagle River. -- Nov. 7, 1942 - Waino Ketonen won over Beecher Bruneau, Copper Country Cornish style wrestler. -- 1911 - Wolverine Cricket team will picnic, with music by the Mohawk band. Individuals mentioned are Davis Parks, Ellis J. Williams, R. Williams, G. Friggins, A. C. Roch, J. Pollard, Allen, Banfield, Cusich and Oliver, Eustice, Semmons, Sleep, Roskilly, Williams, Bailey, Andrina, Ralph, Cornish, W. Ivey and T. Ivey. -- 1912 - Talking pictures featured at Lyric theater in Laurium. Ski races to be held in Laurium Driving park. John A. MacNeil returned from Ann Arbor. -- 1911 - John Williams, employed by Wolverine company has manufactured motorcycle. -- Aug., 1937 - Lloyd Schuster visiting Mr. And Mrs. Ed Schuster. -- List of traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

Williams Album 0 : p. 63

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