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Martha Baldwin diary,page 34
Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Baldwin Public Library

Baldwin, Martha, 1840-1913

Women Michigan Birmingham Biography

Birmingham (Mich.) History

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Part of Martha Baldwin's Diary, 1860-1863

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Some sections of the original diary are illegible, and these are noted in the transcription. A bracketed question mark [?] represents one illegible word. Places where whole sentences (or considerable portions thereof) were found to be illegible are noted with a bracketed ellipsis […]. Whole paragraphs found to be illegible have been noted in the following manner: [P] warning and to see them rushing to the open temple as spreading the handkerchief when the ground on which thy [sic] kneel, having placed their knife in the ground to shut out the world, so that nothing is between them and the spirit they worship. In the temple first they take off their shoes, they all kneel together rich and poor, high and low, there unlike our churches there is no distinction of [?] The poor ones do not take the back places, and the best [?] As in Moscow there are different streets appropriated to each different kind of merchandise, the vendors selling on his mat in the midst of his goods. Tis in these streets that the gayest sight is presented, and tis there that those soft eyes look forth from their veils, as they examine goods and exchange sly words with

Martha Baldwin diary,page 34

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