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Haff farmhouse
TitleHaff farmhouse
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Dwellings
DescriptionHaff farmhouse, built in 1848, under renovation in this photo in 1916. Located on Dequindre Rd., sou...
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Holzhauer - Hoffman House
TitleHolzhauer - Hoffman House
Datec. 1920
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Holzhauer Family
DescriptionHolzhauer house on Utica Road west of Kleino Road in summer, showing nursery gardens on both sides o...
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Fred and Catherine Hacker house
TitleFred and Catherine Hacker house
Datec. 1895
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Dwellings
DescriptionHacker farmhouse, located on northeast corner of 16 Mile Road and Mound Road. May be Fred Hacker (18...
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Marotz Family in front of their homestead
TitleMarotz Family in front of their homestead
Datec. 1900-1905
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Marotz Family
DescriptionMarotz Family stands in front of their saltbox style home located on Clinton River Rd., in winter. A...
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Bower - Hacker House
TitleBower - Hacker House
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Bower Family
DescriptionBower - Hacker house was on 16 Mile Rd. between Ryan Rd. and Mound Rd. (5033 16 Mile Rd.). The house...
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Holzhauer house in winter
TitleHolzhauer house in winter
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Holzhauer family
DescriptionHolzhauer home seen from the road (Utica Road west of Kleino Road), ground covered with snow. Tall b...
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Karr Log Cabin
TitleKarr Log Cabin
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Dwellings
DescriptionKarr log cabin, located on 19 Mile Rd. at Goldberg. Home of Frederick Karr (1835-1905) and Frederick...
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Ahrens Farmhouse 1918
TitleAhrens Farmhouse 1918
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Ahrens Family
DescriptionFarmhouse located on the south side of Clinton River Rd., just west of Hayes Rd. Four people stand i...
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Ahrens Homestead
TitleAhrens Homestead
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Ahrens Family
DescriptionAhrens family home, located on the south side of Clinton River Rd., just west of Hayes Rd. Charles A...
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Beck House
TitleBeck House
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Farms--Beck Farm
DescriptionBeck House, being used as an office for Master Fence Company. Dodge Park Road, south of Plumbrook Rd...
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Ahrens homestead and family
TitleAhrens homestead and family
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Ahrens Family
DescriptionAhrens farmhouse, Clinton River Rd., west of Hayes Rd. Family lines up in front. From left: First th...
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Haff Farmhouse 1983
TitleHaff Farmhouse 1983
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Farms--Haff Farm
DescriptionHaff farmhouse in the Spring. Close-up of house on Dequindre Road south of M-59.
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Haff Farmhouse
TitleHaff Farmhouse
Datec. 1915
SubjectSterling Heights (Mich.)--History--Haff Family
DescriptionAunt Phoebe, Lorenzo Haff (1846 - ?), his son, Edwin Haff (1885 - ?),and Edwin's wife Adella Haff (b...
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