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Jean Baptiste Parrisien
TitleJean Baptiste Parrisien
SubjectParrisien, Jean Baptiste, 1812-1912
DescriptionJean Baptiste Parrisien, 1812-1912, a voyageur, arrived in Grand Haven with Louis Campau and Richard...
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Charles R. Shupe
TitleCharles R. Shupe
Date 1920
SubjectShupe, Charles R., 1866-1927
DescriptionCharles R. Shupe, 1866-1927, came to Grand Haven when Challenge Machinery Company moved from Chicago...
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Rev.  L.M.S. Smith
TitleRev. L.M.S. Smith
SubjectSmith, Le Moyne Seth, 1808-1894
DescriptionRev. Le Moyne Seth Smith, 1808-1894, arrived in Ottawa County in 1947 as a Presbysterian minister. ...
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Robert Stuart
TitleRobert Stuart
SubjectStuart, Robert, 1785-1848
DescriptionIn 1810, along with John Jacob Astor, Robert Stuart organized the Pacific Fur Company. Stuart suppl...
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Hunter Savidge
TitleHunter Savidge
SubjectSavidge, Hunter, 1828-1881
DescriptionHunter Savidge came to Spring Lake in 1856 to manufacture lumber as an associate of Young and Montag...
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Nathaniel Volney Slayton
TitleNathaniel Volney Slayton
SubjectSlayton, Nathaniel Volney, 1838-1889
DescriptionIn 1873, Nathaniel Volney Slayton opened a grocery store in the Cutler House block. He was one of t...
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Henry Pennoyer
TitleHenry Pennoyer
SubjectPennoyer, Henry, 1809-1886
DescriptionIn 1838, Henry Pennoyer was elected Ottawa County's first Sheriff. From 1838 to 1856, Pennoyer mana...
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Lora A. Smith
TitleLora A. Smith
SubjectSmith, Lora A.
DescriptionMiss Lora A. Smith was a much-revered high school teacher and principal from 1877-1894.
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George Parks
TitleGeorge Parks
SubjectParks, George, 1817-1880
DescriptionGeorge Parks, the first mayor of Grand Haven, elected 1867, settled in Grand Haven in 1844. Captain...
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Martha Huntington Duncan
TitleMartha Huntington Duncan
SubjectDuncan, Martha Huntington, 1852-1918
DescriptionMartha Huntington Duncan was the wife of Robert Duncan, Mayor of Grand Haven from 1868-1869. Martha...
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Stephen Munroe
TitleStephen Munroe
SubjectMunroe, Stephen
DescriptionDr. Stephen Munroe came to Grand Haven in 1850. Although a busy physician, he also was an entrepren...
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Permelia Wattles Parks
TitlePermelia Wattles Parks
SubjectParks, Permelia Wattles, 1819-1891
DescriptionPermelia Wattles Parks was the wife of Grand Haven's first mayor, George Parks.
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Edward Payson Ferry
TitleEdward Payson Ferry
SubjectFerry, Edward Payson, 1837-1917
DescriptionEdward Ferry was the son of William Montague and Amanda White Ferry. He engaged in lumbering, acqui...
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George E. Hubbard
TitleGeorge E. Hubbard
SubjectHubbard, George E., 1833-1891
DescriptionGeorge Hubbard came to Grand Haven from Chicago in 1856 and opened the first tin and hardware store....
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Pierre C. Duvernay
TitlePierre C. Duvernay
SubjectDuvernay, Pierre C., 1790-1862
DescriptionDuvernay, a French-Canadian, accompanied Ferry on his journey from Detroit to Grand Haven. They arr...
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William Montague Ferry
TitleWilliam Montague Ferry
SubjectFerry, William Montague, 1796-1867
DescriptionReverend Ferry had been a missionary on Mackinac Island, who in the summer of 1834, made a circuit o...
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Robert W. Duncan
TitleRobert W. Duncan
SubjectDuncan, Robert W., 1824-1903
DescriptionDuncan came to Grand Haven in 1851 and opened a law practice. He was representative to the Michigan...
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Elizabeth Hatton
TitleElizabeth Hatton
SubjectHatton, Elizabeth, d. 1918?
DescriptionElizabeth was the first wife of William Hatton, president of Eagle Ottawa Leather Works. When Elizab...
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Curtis W. Gray
TitleCurtis W. Gray
SubjectGray, Curtis W., 1802-1893
DescriptionFrom 1855 to 1863, Curtis W. Gray was Ottawa County Sheriff and later Deputy U.S. Marshall and serve...
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Farr, George A.
TitleFarr, George A.
SubjectFarr, George A., 1842-1914
DescriptionIn 1876 George A. Farr opened his own law office in Grand Haven. He was City Attorney, member of the...
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Griffin, Henry
TitleGriffin, Henry
SubjectGriffin, Henry, 1807-1891
DescriptionHenry Griffin became Ottawa County's second Sheriff from 1844 to 1850. His jurisdiction covered the ...
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Hofma, Dr. Edward
TitleHofma, Dr. Edward
SubjectHofma, Edward, 1859-1936
DescriptionDr. Edward Hofma practiced in Spring Lake and Grand Haven. He was granted his request to join Walter...
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Hofma, Dr. Elizabeth
TitleHofma, Dr. Elizabeth
SubjectHofma, Elizabeth,
DescriptionElizabeth Hofma was certified to be an elementary teacher in 1882 in the Spring Lake School system. ...
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Jones, Hamilton
TitleJones, Hamilton
SubjectJones, Hamilton, 1807-1888
DescriptionHamilton Jones built a steam mill in Grand Haven on the Grand River near the west end of Fulton Stre...
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Kendrick, Dr. Fred
TitleKendrick, Dr. Fred
SubjectKendrick, Frederick, 1845-1918
DescriptionFrederick Kendrick, master of the government harbor tug at Ludington, was awarded a Congressional go...
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